Haldivor Finance Limited is a global firm, based in Limassol, Cyprus, that offers financial and consulting services for individual clients around the world, including Russia, Europe and China.

The Firm has formed a broad network that enables emerging growth of a business while maintaining strong partnership.

Haldivor Finance Limited constitutes of an insightful platform offering to its clients the ability to take advantage of market opportunities and risk mitigation inherent in their businesses.

Whether you are looking to expand or diversify your investment portfolio, our firm is the right choice.

Our investments offer high return with continuous protection in a secure environment.

The Firm's expert advice is tailored to address each and every need on a personalized approach while it creates an opportunity where it is needed the most.

Our advisory service will assist you to make the best possible decisions that suit your individual requirements.

The Firm strives to provide and maintain a long term investment relationship and financial management solutions with great excellence to a diverse client base.

Our vision is to be your preferred investment partner and our mission is to make a sustainable contribution to our esteemed clients, the society and the environment.

We are ready to offer high return on investment

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H - High Quality
A - Accuracy
L - Leadership
D - Differentiation
I - Integrity
V - Value 
O - Objectives
R - Responsibility